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Not a Schmear Campaign- NYC Suffering Shortage of Cream Cheese

Say it ain’t so- yet another product shortage is causing chaos! Well, at the least, some irritated folks looking for their normal breakfast. Apparently, New York City is suffering due to a lack of cream cheese!

For roughly three weeks, cream cheese orders dairies have placed with manufacturers are not getting filled completely. This is due in part to worker shortages, as well as the ongoing shipping/transport delays plaguing the world at large.

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According to the New York Times, various NYC bagel shops are experiencing shortages of their direct-from-the-suppliers shipments of raw, unprocessed product.

That said, Philadelphia Cream Cheese says they’re actually shipping more of their product.

“Kraft Heinz is known for our portfolio of iconic and beloved brands and we continue to see elevated and sustained demand across a number of categories where we compete,” the parent company said. “As more people continue to eat breakfast at home and use cream cheese as an ingredient in easy desserts, we expect to see this trend continue. As such, we’re shipping 35% more product to foodservice partners, such as bagel shops, vs. year-ago.”

So, if your chosen breakfast suddenly becomes more expensive or harder to find, you’ll know why.

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