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Fisher-Price’s Chatter Phone Has Bluetooth Functionality, Can Make Calls!

Baby will have their first functional phone with Fisher-Price’s old-school Chatter Phone! The same design that 80s and 90s babies dragged around the house has been updated. It now includes Bluetooth technology- meaning you can hook it up to your cell phone! Your baby, kid, even you can talk into it, and make a real call.

The phone will be exclusively sold at Best Buy while supplies last. This working Chatter Telephone™ comes with wheels, numbers, colors, and a speakerphone with the ability to dial out. If your childhood is calling, now you can actually answer. It’s selling for a bit of a hefty price though sitting at $60.00 when the original Chatter Phone is only $9.99. But that’s the price you pay for updated technology.

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This is something that I wouldn’t have thought to get my kid but now I really want one for her. Heck I want one for me because it’s really cool! It’s weird that the rotary dial used to be the norm and is now something kids don’t even know about. It’s going to be a great learning tool for older kids as well because you can say, “Back in my Nan’s day they had rotary phones, oh you don’t know what that is.”

Snag one at Best Buy here. Again these are only for a limited time while supplies last so if you want to get one before Christmas for the little kid in your life you need to act fast!

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