Syncler APK for Android – Watch Movies & TV Shows for Free

When you first look at Syncler APK, it will remind you of TVZion, which was recently taken offline. Syncler, on the other hand, is very different from TVZion in many ways, even if it uses the same core code. You can browse, track, organise, and sync your watch list, progress, and history of your movies, TV series, and anime with Syncler on Android.

Organizing and tracking your movies, TV episodes, and anime takes a lot of time and effort. It will be amazing to have a single app that allows you to manage, explore, track, and sync all of your movies, TV series, and anime across all platforms, including TV, mobile, PC, and tablet. In this article, we’ll look at one such platform called Syncler. 

The best thing about Official Syncler is that it is free of any copyright issues that are common in streaming applications. TVZion, whose direct fork is Syncler, had to go offline due to the same fate. Syncler’s creator, while drawing inspiration from TVZion, does not include any links or scrapers in the platform, preventing it from being targeted in the same way as TVZion and other similar programmes. 

Features of Syncler APK

Syncler Home Page: On Syncler’s home page, movies and TV series are nicely grouped by genre. To read the information linked with any title, tap it.

Use Your Voice: You can use your voice to search for your favourite movie, TV show, or anime. It is a video-on-demand service. On Syncler APK, you can see your Trakt likes, watched list, and collection.

Android TV Syncler: When Syncler is installed on Android TV, the interface is completely different and tailored to the television as opposed to when Syncler is installed on an Android phone.

Syncler provides a Debrid Suite that allows you to manage your Debrid account (Debrid Manager, Debrid Cloud, Magnet Picker). This allows you to properly manage your Debrid account from within Syncler.

Stream from Debrid Cloud: You can use Syncler to stream content from the Debrid Cloud. Syncler’s Cloud Cache Streaming functionality makes this possible.

Advanced Source Filtering: Use numerous elements such as file size, quality, resolution, bit rate, and more to filter the material on Syncler. This enables you to choose the highest-quality source and even configure AutoPlay to utilise the same Source Filtering.

Meta Data: Syncler includes information such as resolution, bit rate, and more, in addition to the standard title information, allowing you to make suitable playback decisions.

Chromecast Support: Syncler allows you to cast content to a Chromecast device.

MX Player and VLC Media Player are two external media players that Syncler supports.

Anime Section: In addition to movies and TV shows, Syncler also has an Anime section.

How to Download Syncler APK for android?

Step 1: To begin, first download the Syncler Latest APK file from our provided link to your Android device.

Step 2: To begin the installation, tap on the APK File.

Step 3: Simply provide the required rights and follow the instructions that appear on your computer.

Step 4: Allow for the installation to finish.

Step 5: After a successful installation, Syncler will appear on your Android device’s home screen.


Syncler, despite being lauded as an ideal substitute to TVZion, is significantly different. Users were in a tizzy after TVZion went offline last year. Syncler MOD APK is a direct fork of TVZion that comes in to save the day by taking its fundamental code directly from the latter.

With Syncler APK, you may receive all the information you need about your favourite movies and TV series, as well as use Debrid,, and other related services. In this article, we have discussed Syncler for Android in greater detail.

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