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Disneyland Says Another Magic Key Level is Now Sold Out

The happiest place on earth is getting more and more exclusive. After an almost year-long shutdown during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, desire to visit the House of Mouse is still at an all-time high. If you’ll recall, during the park’s shutdown, it was announced that the Annual Pass, a membership tier that would allow guests to access the park pretty much whenever they wanted (depending on their level of pass), was being cancelled. This was met with trepidation from passholders and Disney enthusiasts. What would replace it? Would it be better? Would it be worse?

Earlier this year, Disneyland revealed the replacement system would be called Magic Key, and would also have tiered levels. These are tied to how many options you have to reserve days to visit the park, and how much you’re willing to spend to have more options available.

After several weeks of chaos for Magic Key holders (not enough open days on the calendar to allow all Key holders to visit), it looks like yet another of the tiers have sold out completely.

The ‘Believe Key,’ the $949 pass, is the second to be listed as sold out. The top-level- the Dream Key ($1,399) actually sold out back in October. Around that same time, the park announced a ticket price increase.

The $649 Enchant Key and the $399 Imagine Key (only available to Southern California residents) are still available as of the time of this writing.

Winter holiday season is usually the most crowded time to visit Disneyland, so maybe this would account for the sell-out. We do know that as of yesterday, booking/reservations for December suddenly had availability for Magic Key holders after weeks of nothing.

The park did announce a new after-hours party for the 2021 holiday season, Disney Merriest Nites.

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