Man Transforms Piano Into Motorized BBQ-Cooking, Music-Playing Car

Handy Geng has taken a fan comment and run wild with it. He’s built the world’s first piano bbq car that plays music and cooks food. When he plays the piano, a string attached to the keys will turn the skewer the meat is on. So when he plays a beautiful song, a beautiful piece of meat is being cooked along with it!

Of all the good and delicious ideas in the world, this one is probably the best. I can picture themed cars surrounding the next convention center, playin’ and cookin’, and stealing the show. Those plain old hot dog vendors be damned because I’m sure there would be a line around the block to buy food from this amazing piece of art.

Heck I would drive this thing around the neighborhoods and roast corn on the cob and all kinds of things. The possibilities are endless! Follow this genius’s YouTube channel here.

Handy GengPiano BBQ Car