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Types of Automation Testing

Automation testing is primarily a technique for testing software, performed using designated automated testing software tools. It helps in saving a considerable amount of time and effort required to run software tests several times manually. Automation testing has led to a significant breakthrough in software development. It is extensively used to automate repetitive tasks and other different testing methods that are difficult to execute via manual testing and require no human intervention. One more added advantage of automation testing is that it supports both functional and non-functional testing.

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Types of Automation Testing

Based on the type of application, there are various testing types that can be automated. Some of the most important automation testing types are discussed below:

Unit Testing

Unit testing involves testing individual components or units of web application. Commonly, unit tests are written by developers, however, they can be written by automation testers too. The unit testing of a web application is performed while the development phase takes place. Also, it is considered as the first level of web application testing.

Smoke Testing

The smoke testing is carried out to test the stability of the deployed build. In short, we can say that smoke testing helps in verification of the functionality of important features to enable testers to proceed with further testing of the application.

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Functional Testing

Functional testing is performed for analyzing and finding out if all the functions of your web application are working as per the expectations. The sections that are covered in functional testing include user interface, database, APIs, security, server or client applications and overall performance of your website.

Integration Testing

The integration testing involves logical integration of the application and their testing as a group. It lays special emphasis on verification of data communication between various modules of the web application.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is carried out for verifying whether the recent modifications in the code are affecting your web application. Simply put, regression testing helps in verifying the old code work in a similar manner as they were before making the modifications.

In this article, we focused upon the major automation testing types. Additionally, there are other automation testing types such as black box testing, data-driven testing, keyword testing and many more.

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