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Streaming vs Content Creation

Anyone who has been around for the last decade will know that gaming is an industry that has grown exponentially. To accommodate this growth, there have been numerous opportunities for players to earn a living by playing games, something that would not have been possible going back to the industry’s inception. Even as recent as twenty years ago, the prospect of trying to build a career in games was valid for the developmental side of the industry but those who expressed a desire to play games for a living were instantly dismissed. Today, there are ways to make money from games in all areas but playing them for a wage must be one of the most lucrative and desired.

Those who want to play games for a living have three main ways to go about achieving this. The first two are streaming gameplay to a live audience or creating the content to upload as videos. However, the third is different in that it will call to players who are more competitive and technically gifted when it comes to video games. This does mean that much of the casual fun aspect of video games will no longer become something that players can enjoy, but the rewards in return are staggering and one must only look to the prize pools of some tournaments to get an idea of how much these players can earn.

Some players may choose to produce content for others to watch on platforms like YouTube instead of testing their skills against other players. Producing content in this way is a great way to play games for a living as it allows people to record when they want, and there is no pressure to perform as content creation typically does not involve a live audience. However, certain drawbacks might make this way of earning money less feasible than others. For example, YouTube is an established platform and has been around for a while. This means that it is incredibly hard to get started, especially when trying to break into a saturated niche like gaming.

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In comparison, streaming represents a much more accessible way into playing games for money. This is because Twitch is the most popular platform, and it is far younger than YouTube, meaning that it has fewer active users. Some people also might prefer streaming over recording videos as it is a much more social experience. Viewers can interact with the streamer by asking them questions or helping them out in-game, creating a nice community that is hard to replicate on YouTube.

There are many advantages to playing games for a living. One of the most obvious is that they are very secure careers, as recent world events have shown. Gaming was a bastion of entertainment for many during this time who would have otherwise turned to other entertainment such as online gambling to pass the time. This is because it is a universally loved activity and players can visit here for more real money casinos to play at. 

Whichever career path someone chooses will depend on their attitude towards games, and whether they desire a more social, or flexible experience.

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