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Reupholstery vs. Slipcovers: What to Choose?

When thinking about giving your house a completely new look, your valuable pieces of furniture are also counted in. However, it’s normal for most homeowners to be confused between reupholstery and slipcovers. For instance, you need to decide whether to invest in recliner slipcovers to cover a bit of wear and tear or opt for a complete change, including the fabric, cushion, and spring.

Before making a decision, it’s important to be aware of the difference between the two terms. Therefore, this article will guide you on whether to choose reupholstery or slipcovers for your furniture. Read on!

What is Reupholstery?

Reupholstery means giving a complete makeover to your already upholstered furniture items. In other words, it includes the entire process from the start till the end of renovating an item.

For example, if a sofa needs to be reupholstered, it means to change the fabric, padding, and springs in it. It obviously requires a lot of skilled labor work and, therefore, requires a considerable amount of time to be finished.    

Advantages of Reupholstery

Reupholstery is ideal for such upholstered furniture items which are extremely damaged, and you want to get them repaired while giving a new, polished look.

You can also personalize it however you like. For instance, you can opt for firmer cushioning and a new fabric type.

Disadvantages of Reupholstery

As mentioned above, reupholstery can take a lot of time. Hence, this factor has to be considered when you need to update your furniture in a short span of time due to an upcoming event.

Another con of reupholstery is that it can be heavy on your bank account, as you need to pay the workers for their hard work and pay for the new material as well.

What Are Slipcovers?

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These pieces of fabric are usually equipped with a 360-degree elastic band that allows you to quickly cover a piece of furniture. You don’t need to completely revamp your furniture, however, you only have to place it over your current furniture item.

Advantages of Slipcovers

Slipcovers are very easy and quick to apply or remove from your furniture pieces. They aren’t costly and can be made according to your preferences and liking.

You can opt for any color, size, pattern, or shape you like for your slipcovers. Another pro of slipcovers is that they are washable, which means you can keep your valuable furniture protected and easily maintain a fresh look.

Disadvantages of Slipcovers

It’s essential to keep in mind that slipcovers aren’t designed to cover major rips and wear or tear. In addition to this, you may not be able to get the desired 100% snug fit look with slipcovers as you would with reupholstery.

Should You Choose Reupholstery or Slipcovers?

Now that you know the difference between reupholstery and slipcovers, it will become a bit easier for you to make the right decision.

If you are thinking about getting one of the pieces of your furniture renovated, you should consider how badly it is damaged. In case it is severely worn out, a slipcover won’t be able to “cover” the damage. That’s when reupholstery will be your best bet.

If you are bored of the basic, old look and want to give a unique appeal to your furniture, you can opt for slipcovers, as they are custom-made, and you can cover (or uncover) your furniture with them whenever you feel like it. You can also use both sides of the slipcover to switch between the looks.

At times, people don’t want to sell their valuable furniture and simply want to fix the damaged fabric or the interior, that’s when reupholstery is again an amazing option.

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