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Bulid-A-Bear Adds “Harry Potter” Collection with Dobby, Hedwig, and More!

Build-A-Bear has added some very cute “Harry Potter” plushies to their collection. In addition to Hogwarts bears and house robes, the company now has house mascots as well. Also included in the new plush line are Dobby, Hedwig and Buckbeak!

Dobby is selling for $42, and comes with a sock and sound chip!

Hedwig is selling for $38, and comes with Harry’s acceptance letter.

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Buckbeak is selling for $40, and it’s just him with no other accessories.

The house mascots are selling for $40.50 each, and come with their respected house scarves. Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor are each cute in their own way. I especially like how they made the Slytherin snake sit so that he can be placed and you can still see his little snoot pop up among your toys.

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