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OP Autoclicker Review And How To Download It?

Do you want to read an in-depth OP Auto clicker review? Well, you landed on the right page for the answer.

Auto clickers are software that imitates the mouse click on your PC. OP Auto clicker is one of the best auto clickers available out there. Most gamers prefer it because of its advanced features.

In this post, we are going to do a thorough OP Auto clicker review that includes how to install & use this auto clicker, key features, and so on.

Let’s get into more details.

OP Auto Clicker  3.0 Overview

Like all the other auto clickers, the base function of OP Auto Clicker is to simulate mouse clicks on a PC. It can click unlimited times until you stop or you can select a number of clicks and also put a timer between each clicks too. Once you run this software, you can sit back and relax because you won’t need to use your mouse and keyboard again.

There are two modes available on the OP Auto clicker. In the first mode, you can set a dynamic location for the cursor for clicking. In the second mode, you can select any specific location for clicking before running the auto clicker.

Gamers mostly use OP Auto Clicker for clicking games like cookie clicker, realm grinder, clicker heroes, and so on. This auto clicker is only available for Windows yet. You can download this auto clicker from its official website. You will also need to register your email address before downloading it.

How To Download OP Auto Clicker On PC?

Step 1. Open your browser, in the search box enter

Step 2. On the official website you will see the “Download” button, just click on it to start the downloading process.

Step 3. It will take you to the website. You don’t need to worry because the download will start automatically.

Step 4. The downloading file is very short so it will be finished quickly. Now just head over to the download section and open the downloaded file.

After opening the file a small window will appear on your screen. It is the interface of the OP Auto Clicker. You can use it from here. All the settings will be visible on your screen. 

How To Use OP Auto Clicker?

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You’ve successfully downloaded the  OP Auto Clicker but you still don’t know how to use it so let’s take a look at all the settings of OP Auto Clicker.

Step 1. Open OP Auto Clicker from the download section of your browser.

Step 2. In the window, you will see the click interval option. You can put an interval between each click with it. For mostly clicker games, you need to set the timer in milliseconds. This way you will get clicks faster.

Step 3. The next option is the click option. Here you need to select one among left, right, or middle mouse click.

Step 4. You can also set up click type. There are only two options which are single or double click.

Step 5. The next option is the click repeat option. You can choose between a specific number of clicks or unlimited clicks until stopped.

Step 6. The last option is cursor location. Here you can choose from two options which are current location and pick location. In the current location, the click will happen where the cursor will be placed last once the auto clicker starts. In the pick location, you can set the coordinate for the cursor. You can enter x coordinate and y coordinate. The pick location is good if you want to do other work as well.

Step 7. To start the auto clicker just click on the start button or use the hotkey on your keyboard to start. The default hotkey is F6 but you can change it from the hotkey setting option.

To stop the auto clicker just enter the hotkey. There is also a record & playback option from there you can record a specific action and the auto clicker will imitate that same action.

What are the uses of OP Auto Clicker?

  • The first and foremost use of this Auto clicker is to imitate clicks on different games. Gamers use it to play many clicker games. You can play regular games using OP Auto Clicker using the record option. Most of the Minecraft, Roblox, Dogeminer players use OP Auto Clicker.
  • Programmers use OP Auto Clicker to find bugs in software. Many clicker game software developers use OP Auto clicker to find any bugs in the early version of the game.
  • If you are a data entry specialist and tired of putting the same entries over and over again then you can use OP Auto Clicker to do it for you.
  • You can use this auto clicker to keep your screen active whenever you’re out and taking a break. The auto clicker will keep the screen awake and whatever task you left on running will keep on running.
  • If you have to refresh a web page constantly to check for an email or an important link then set this auto clicker with an interval and relax. The auto clicker will refresh the page for you.

Key Features Of OP Auto Clicker

  • Imitates mouse clicks on your device
  • Unlimited clicks option available
  • Set a target location for the cursor 
  • Choose any one of the three mouse buttons
  • Three different clicking options are available: Single, Double, and Triple
  • Set up a hotkey to start or stop the auto clicker
  • Record option to record all the activity of your device
  • Playback option to simulate that recorded option

Is It safe to use OP Auto Clicker?

There are many auto clickers available in the market which are filled with bugs. They can easily harm your system. Usually, free auto clickers are not that safe to use but OP Auto clicker is not one of them. I’ve personally used OP Auto clicker and it is completely safe to use. I used it on many different games and never had any issue with it.


OP Auto clicker has updated its services over many years and they are still working on the software to make it better. The best thing I liked about the OP Auto clicker is that even being free software it does not show any ads on your screen. It does all the heavy lifting for you and saves your time and extends your mouse’s life as well.

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