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AMC Ventures out of Theatre, Home Delivery Popcorn is Coming!

You know the places that always want to flag you over to try their product? Only this time, I HOPE they give out free samples. Because knowing me I’ll drift over like Homer Simpson to a donut by just the smell of that savory buttery popcorn.. mmmm popcorn. AMC Theatres will be selling its most popular concession outside of theaters soon. They are going to start selling them in shopping malls at what I assume will be those pod type set ups you see people selling cotton candy at.


AMC is also saying that come 2022- which is now just a few months around the corner -they’ll have a home delivery option! Eventually plans are to have it in regular grocery chains as home made pre-packaged popcorn you can sit in the microwave. You know how Taco Bell now sells taco shells and sauce (if you’re lucky enough to find it)? Kind of like that.

“AMC knows popcorn ever so well. On our busiest days, AMC Theatres currently pops in the range of 50 tons of popcorn per day,” Adam Aron, CEO and Chairman of the Board, revealed in a statement to announce the expansion. “But the popularity of popcorn extends well beyond the doors of our movie theatres. With this new AMC initiative, we expect to reach entirely new segments of the U.S. population with our popular AMC Theatres Perfectly Popcorn.”

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If this can help AMC stay afloat while they’re trying to get pre-covid numbers back for concession and ticket sales, I’ll buy a bunch.

What movie would you like to watch at home with AMC popcorn?

“Romy and Michelle’s Highschool Reunion”
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