Check Out This Fully Customized “Back To The Future” DeLorean!

Fellow nerd and “Back to the Future” fan Scott Schiller has built the ultimate dream car. A fully customized DeLorean, including things like the flux capacitor and a plutonium chamber! This car has everything a “BTTF” fan would want. Schiller recently posted a video on YouTube detailing the finished project.


August 23rd, 2021: Seeing a very special car for the first time in person, the result of a 15-month project involving numerous people and teams who made it possible. It’s a great honour, and from and with great privilege to have.

This is a personal dream car, and I also hope to bring some surprise, joy and delight to people who see it in person. So far, it’s been a hit. I like to think of it as bringing a theme park attraction to people, but in the context of where it truly belongs: on the road, and driving around!

There’s a brief demo of the time circuits, flux capacitor etc., starting the engine (audio is pretty muddled,) and parking after getting gas – all for the first time. This vehicle also has the plutonium chamber, and there are lots of other interesting details. I plan to do some more video about this Time Machine replica, of course, “in the future.” 

The best part about the video is that he’s so genuinely happy playing in his new toy. We’re sure the people in his neighborhood will be just as excited seeing him driving around in it.

What’s especially cool is the time clock inside the DeLorean. In the video he has the videographer tell him his birthday and he sets the clock. Then when the odometer goes up to 88 (which can be set manually) the time in the middle changes to the date of where they were aiming to go. If you ever wanted to make believe that you could travel through time, this car would make it very easy to believe.

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