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Best Essay Topics for Writing an Outstanding Essay

Choosing the Best Essay Topics

As a student, you may be assigned a variety of essays during your academic career. While completing an essay is always a challenge, it is even harder when you are left choosing a topic. Many students spend too much time trying to decide what they wish to cover and not enough time creating the paper. Choosing an essay topic does not have to be overly difficult. To help, we provide some useful tips that can help you select a topic in no time!

Identify the Purpose

The first thing is to identify the purpose of writing the essay. This will be determined by the main subject. You will want to ask why you are writing on that topic and this will help you start the structure of your paper. Every essay will serve four different purposes and these include informing, explaining, persuading, and entertaining. When selecting a topic, make sure it fits these purposes.

Choose an Essay Type

Before selecting a topic, students must know what type of essay is being written. Some will provide some room for expression while others will have a very strict format and structure. The main types of essays are:

  • Argumentative – With these, writers will use research to form an opinion and will then have an evidence-built argument
  • Expository – These show knowledge of a topic and will provide clear communication of information
  • Narrative – These are often creative and will present a compelling paper
  • Descriptive – descriptive essays use creative language and will often describe sensory details to the reader
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If you are unsure of what type you should choose, you can consult with top essay writing services. You will be able to read samples of essays written by professionals and get a better idea of the type of paper you should write. 

Use Topics of Interest

The easiest way to write an essay is by choosing something that you enjoy and are already knowledgeable about. This will reduce the amount of research needed and you will be able to easily come up with arguments and facts that support your topic. If you show enthusiasm in the paper, readers will be more engaged, which can lead to better grades.

Make Sure Research is Available

No matter what topic is chosen, you will need to perform research to make sure there is ample information available and that you can find and cite sources easily. Having reliable sources is key. If you choose something that is too broad, you may have to find specific information that can be included in the essay which can extend the time needed for research.


The first step to writing an outstanding essay is choosing the right topic. This should be interesting and appealing to readers. By choosing something familiar, students can present more ideas and support arguments. However, if there is not enough research available, the topic may have to be changed so that you can meet requirements and create a great piece.

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