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How to Download PS2 ISOS 2021

Do you want to play PS2 ISO games on PC? Following ROMS-download, see how to download the PS2 ISO game and how it works 100%. You played the world’s best-selling game consoles, the PlayStation 2 and PS2. 

You can play PS2 games on your PC or laptop equipped with various PS2 ISOS emulators that can be downloaded free without releasing any new games. You can visit many websites for free Download of PS2 ISO games that work well when played on emulators. 

Previously, we looked at how to download it through the Emuparadise site. Sorry, the site is currently removing all download links due to copyright, etc. 

But you can also visit some alternative PS2 ISO download pages as we have reviewed the steps below.

1. ROMS-Download 

Via ROMS-Download is one of the best and safest ROM sites. You can easily download classic ROMs and emulators. You can follow the steps below to download PS2 games through ROMS-Download. 

Step – 1: 

To download the PS2 game from ROMS-Download, you need to visit Via ROMS-Download. Here you can see various games for PS2 with ratings and downloads.

Step – 2:

Now you need to choose your favorite game. For example, Dragon Ball Z – Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Here you can see general information about the game 

Step – 3:

To download the game, you need to click the “download” button. 

Step – 4: 

Now you have to wait 5 seconds, and the Download will start. And once you can enjoy the game on your PC. 

2. Via CoolROM 

In addition to Emuparadise, the CoolROM page is also a recommendation for downloading the PlayStation 2 ISO. There are also other consoles for ROM, like Nintendo, SEGA, Atari, and many more. 

To know how to download the PS2 ISO game by CoolROM, here are the complete steps. 

Steps 1: 

First of all, go to the PlayStation 2 tab on the CoolROM site or the following link: If you already have one, you will be presented with a list of downloadable PS2 games, listed alphabetically and by popularity.


For example, this time, we can download the God of WarII game, which can be said to be the best PS2 game at the time. 

Keep Going!
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To start downloading, scroll down and find the section to download the game. We recommend using a direct link to the download ISO file or an alternative download link that provides a direct link.

Note: Clicking the Download Now button * will prompt you to download using a CoolROM downloader that we do not recommend. 


Now you can see a window to start the Download. Wait for the countdown to appear until the file download button appears, then click Next.

Step 5: 

Finally, download the ISO file. You can use the download manager directly or on the internet. The file format to download is .7z, and it can be decompressed using the following application—WinRAR for Windows.

3. ROMS Mania

With Roms Mania, the following options can be downloaded from the Roms Mania Web site: Here, you have a very simple display for browsing to find a ROM that matches your will. Follow these steps to download PS2ISO games from Romania. 


To download PS2 games via Roms Mania, follow the following link: 

Step -2: 

Jeff picks Tekken 4 downloads, which is a fighting game genre. Before starting the Download, you can check the information in the format of the file size and language used by the game. 


Do not click the Download Now button to download. Here we first get the direct link by selecting the More Options menu and choosing the slowest browser download option. 

Weeks; clicking the [Download] button directly instructs you to download using the download manager provided by Romania. 


Wait for RomsMania to start downloading. You have to extract it in the first place because, like CoolROM here, you get the .7z file format.

Last words 

This is how to download PS2ISO games from various sites like ROM-Downloads, Portal Roms, Romania, etc. Along with how to play using PC, laptop, and even smartphone emulators. They can also play PlayStation 2 games. 

You can also play various consoles such as Nintendo and Sega from the ISO game download sites above. If you encounter any issues, feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Please work hard!

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