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How to Register Your Gambling Account with Pure Win India

When it comes to online gambling sites or apps, you need to create your account to access it. Without an account, you will not be able to place bets on play games.

All the casino sites have a registration or sign up option. It helps you to create an account. If you want to use PureWin in India, you need to create your account first.

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Pure Win is a new project in the gambling world. It was launched in November 2019. However, even though it is new, most of the Indian bettors have started using it.

This platform provides great welcome bonuses for the casino as well as betting. It helps them to attract new customers. If you want to take advantage of this promotional offer, you need to register your account with the app.

Once you register your account, you will be able to deposit money and claim the welcome bonus. After that, you can check all the sports bets as well as live and online casino games available on the site.

Steps to Register Gambling Account with Pure Win India:

In order to use the Pure Win site in India, you have to follow these registration steps. 

· Step 1: Visit Website

The first step is to visit the website. If you are using the platform from the website, you need to create your account from the site as well. To enter the URL of the site in the web browser to visit it.

· Step 2: Click on Register

Once you reach the website, you need to click on the register option. It is given on top and highlighted in green. It will help you to register your account for free.

· Step 3: Enter Details

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After you click on it, a popup window will open where you need to add all the details. First, you need to enter your email id, then choose a password, and enter your contact number. These are the details you need to add. Make sure you enter the right details as you will get a verification message.

· Step 4: Tap on Continue

Once you enter all the details correctly, you need to tap on continue to move towards the second step of the registration process.

· Step 5: Enter More Details

Now that the first step is complete, you need to enter more personal details in the second step. Check the entire form and enter all the detailed information. 

· Step 6: Accept Terms and Conditions

After entering all the details, you need to read the terms and conditions. It will help you to know all the rules and details about the gambling site. Once you finish reading it, click on the first two boxes.

· Step 7: Tick Notification Option

Now, you will find another box. If you want notifications about all the upcoming bonuses, events and promotional offers, tick in the box. 

· Step 8: Click on Continue

In the last step, you need to check all the details and click on the continue option. Now, your account will be ready. You don’t need to enter the promo code as the welcome offer is automatically activated. You can now verify your account, log in to it, make a deposit and enjoy a welcome bonus on the first deposit.

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