Guy Builds $9,000 Hot Wheels Track, Shares POV of Cars

Known as the Backyard Racer on YouTube this person just shared a video of the POV of a Hot Wheels car through a $9,000 track! That’s an expensive hobby if I’ve ever heard of one. They used all kinds of things to build this track like PVC pipes for tunnels and large pools for some underwater track shots.

It’s interesting to see this all play out from the cars point of view. I kept getting nervous about whether or not the grass was going to get in the way and flip the car. Of course I’m not great about Hot Wheels, mine always fly off the track.

WOW was this a fun project! We built this MegaTrack in our backyard over 4 months using a variety of materials including wood, 10 ladders, 2 inflatable pools, PVC tubing, blocks, plastic container tubs, cardboard boxes, pool noodles, and Hot Wheels products. A lot of troubleshooting took place as the body of the car we were using didn’t initially fit through a booster. 3 months of modifications/troubleshooting and 1 month of construction later and here we are! Over 30 boosters launch the car down 2,000ft of track across land, sky, and underwater making this one of the largest Hot Wheels tracks ever built!


They have a page on Reddit where you can watch their progress on other tracks. Check it out here.

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