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VHS Tape Box Sneakers Are Perfect for Retro Loving Fashion Fans

While browsing online, I was able to find something I think a lot of us 80s babies will enjoy. MOONLAMBO has come out with some really cool retro VHS inspired clothing. If you remember the days of be kind, rewind then you’ll probably get a real kick out of these.

Artify – Square

We brought the VHS classic sneaker to the world not expecting it to be a smash hit. Due to your overwhelming request, we decided to bring it back but rather than bring back the same old we decided to go back to the drawing board and make the sneaker we wanted to make with no limitations.   After 6 months of development, we bring you the Collector’s Edition. Not only does the collector’s edition up the ante in terms of quality but we also included an amazing box to display and store your kicks, But we couldn’t stop there, this is the collector’s edition after all so you also get two bonus items. Collector soft enamel Pin and sticker sheet.


These are currently up for pre-order and you get all kinds of goodies when you order them. They have an enamel pin that’s a surprise and if you order now you can get one of two horror bear stickers.

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The shoes cost $189.99, and are expected to ship out sometime in January 2022.

They also have this really cool hoodie that you can wear with the shoes.

This hoodie costs $72 and it’s something you’ll want to wear all year round, granted it’s cool enough outside to let you. The best part is that this hoodie is available now! So you can enjoy your Fall watching R rated horror films while cozying up in this awesome sweater.

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