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How Transcription Companies Help Business?

Transcription is the conversion of an audio file into a written documented text. It strays away from the traditional writing down minutes of a meeting which was a tedious task. It was tedious as a secretary would have to write down minutes, transcribe and confirm with the attendees to ensure that they correctly capture proceedings. Currently, businesses opt to record an audio or video of a meeting to ensure there are no omissions of the discussions. For the purpose of record-keeping, these are then converted into text. It improves SEO strategies and also caters to those with impaired hearing to access information. It has become an essential part of a business and amongst the fast-growing industries.

Most businesses have an internal transcription department that deals with less workload. However, the transcription workload may get overwhelming and the business seeks a service provider. The practice is critical in fields such as law firms, medical practice and research institutions. There are various items you can send for transcription. Some of these include:-

  • Conference calls
  • Seminars
  • Briefs
  • Presentations
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It is efficient to seek a professional business transcription company as they assist in several ways.

Benefits of outsourcing to transcription companies

There are several benefits associated with a business outsourcing to a transcription company. These include:

Access to skilled and experienced transcribers

A business can have recorded audio or video files that are complex to an ordinary listener. There are technical terms of an industry that require quality comprehension to provide a quality transcription. Certain fields require this experience and skill in addition to the standard transcription. Using an amateur to transcribe such technical fields leads to omissions and misinterpretation of significant information. Expert transcription is required in various fields such as medical, legal, and research platforms. It ensures there is secure correspondence for future references.

Handling of various file formats

Professional transcription companies have the ability to handle various input formats. These include:

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • WMA
  • MPEG
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • AIF
  • DIVX
  • DSS

These audio files can then be transcribed into the following formats:-

  • RTF
  • PDF
  • TXT
  • XLS
  • DOC

Increased efficiency

A professional transcription company invests in the most recent advancements in technology and innovation to optimize its systems. These companies have secured platforms for data upload, transfer, and download. There is a faster turnaround time experienced with employing the services of a professional transcription company. The transcriptionist has all the required equipment, software, and tools to facilitate this.

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Not only do these companies guarantee a faster turnaround, but they also ensure there is accuracy to the transcription. Transcribing requires expertise, time, and patience to ensure there are little to no errors. An in-house transcriber lacks these that ensure precision. There could be challenges with the recorded audio or video file. It would be difficult to acquire an accurate transcript. To avoid the risk of having wrong information, a professional transcription company is of great use.

Professional presentation

A transcription company has the expertise to ensure that the transcript is presented as per the relevant context. These include significant terminologies and phrases with relevance to the industry or project. There are hardly any errors in the presentation. It makes it easier to share with colleagues for assessment and processing.

Secure data storage

A professional transcription company has all the necessary software and equipment to ensure the confidentiality of all information. The audio files and their subsequent transcripts are well protected. These companies have put in place data storage systems that are encoded. The data remains safe and secure for the privacy of your business.

It saves on costs

Having an in-house transcription department involves additional costs that can be avoided. A full-time employee would require their wages, benefits, and training to undertake their duty. All these are charges incurred regardless of whether there are any transcriptions done. On the other hand, when outsourcing for the service you only get to incur the service cost as required. You may not always have audio and video files to transcribe. Therefore, outsourcing for the service enables you to seek these services as required.

In addition, a transcription company will complete the work in less time and cost. A full-time employee dedicated to transcribing would also require the software and a data storage platform that are expensive initial investments to the business. These infrastructural costs can be avoided. Acquiring the services of a transcription company on a project basis is a more cost-effective strategy.

Allows business to concentrate on the main operations

The administrators and employees have critical tasks that the business requires to be completed for smooth operations. Outsourcing transcription to a professional company ensures that there is more time dedicated to efficiency in operations. They do not have to use their energy in listening to audio files and transcribing. These interruptions deter from the main focus of the business and the transcription company assists in setting the pace.

Increases the value of the content

Businesses require their products and services to be more accessible to the customers. The use of transcription companies assists in SEO strategies by making the business content searchable. Videos can be transcribed and the content is easily detected.


Businesses require professional transcription services like Go Transcript to ensure there is clear and accurate information input to be recorded as text. It is critical for ongoing proceedings and future references. Professional services guarantee expertise, quick turnaround time, and secure data storage while saving on overhead costs. The business can then focus on its operations to warrant its peak performance. It is regardless of the sector that your business is in.

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