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Teen Takes Breathtaking Pictures Of Miniature Cars with Real-Life Backgrounds

When inspiration strikes it’s good to go with the flow. Anthony Ryan Schmidt, inspired by how he could take a picture of something tiny, was able to make it feel real. His mother Romona posted his work in KIT CAR Buy Swap & SELL USA (Facebook group), and the response to his images has been much more than she anticipated.

Anthony is 13 years old. He faces challenges related to autism, and has real talent when it comes to an artistic eye. His love of cars has led to a passion for collecting and photographing them among real backgrounds. He has found ways to make the model cars appear to be real life sized vehicles.

Artify – Square
Anthony Ryan Schmidt

He’s done things like set up a miniature barn and his cars to make scenes in real grass. Making it look like it’s been abandoned and overgrown. And he’s created tables where it looks like a real street with backdrops of things like diners, car garages and more. Each of the photos he’s taken are stunning in different ways.

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If you would like to order a calendar and help him fund his passion, you can get one by clicking on the link here.

You can follow Anthony on Instagram and Facebook.

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