Building A Smart Home On Budget

While we are well past the nascent stages of home automation, there is still a certain hesitancy when it comes to employing smart devices to elevate the IQ of our living quarters. Most of the hesitancy comes from the misconception that implementing smart devices is a costly affair. However, if your needs and expectations are simpler, you may opt for several affordable gadgets to power your home and make your life much simpler and easier in this digital era.

Choose to buy devices and gadgets that are compatible with each other, so that you can sync them and build one powerful smart home foundation step-by-step. Here’s a list of best-selling smart home gadgets on a budget that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket while you build your smart home.

1. Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker

The first step in setting up a smart home is to set a central command hub, namely, a smart speaker. The sheer amount of technology, connectivity, and intelligence that is packed into one small device is unprecedented. The 2nd Generation Google Nest Mini ticks all our boxes here when it comes to a power-packed smart speaker under a reasonable budget. Just say “Hey Google”, and play songs, dim the lights, pause the TV, and much more, all without lifting a finger.

Choose to buy this smart device from BestBuy for $49.99 and grab 3 months of YouTube Premium subscription absolutely free!

2. Wyze Cam V2 Smart Home Camera

Investing in an indoor camera is a given when setting up a smart home. Choose the Wyze Cam V2, which would provide a 1080p Full HD live stream directly to your synced smartphone. Equipped with the Motion Tagging Technology, this camera detects and tags motion in both live stream and playback videos. Install the Wyze app to manage and share multiple cameras, thereby setting up an intense security blanket for your home.

Another advantage is the Night Vision mode, which can detect movement up to 30 feet even in total darkness. Invest a reasonable price of $60.50 to purchase this camera from Walmart and secure free shipping on your order.

3. Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

When it comes to installing smart lights on a budget in your home, the top option would  be to purchase Sengled Lights. These light bulbs are compatible with Alexa, Siri, as well as Google Home, making them the perfect choice for your smart home. Set up wake/sleep modes via voice control and connect to a hub to enable the Smart Switch  feature.

You can purchase a starter kit of 3 Sengled bulbs from Amazon for a price of $79.99 after a 11% concession on the original price of $89.99.

4.  Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum With Intelligent Power Control

Assign your cleaning chores to the new and improved Jet Bot Robot Vacuum from Samsung. Featuring the Intelligent Power Control and advanced LIDAR sensors, the jet bot actively avoids objects, while the  sensors adjust cleaning performance on multiple surfaces for an optimized cleanup.

Map out your Jet Bot’s path with your Smartphone and track it’s live status via the Smart Things App. You can view its movement on a map of your home from wherever you are and see where it has cleaned, and instruct it to pause/stop when required. 

Head on to Samsung to purchase this Smart Vacuum Cleaner for $599.00 and avail free shipping on your order.

5. WEMO Smart Home Starter Kit

This smart home starter kit from WEMO consists of a Wifi Smart Plug and a Wifi-enabled Smart Light Switch. This kit is compatible  with most of the top smart home solutions including Google Home/Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. Some of  its key features include – remote monitoring/access, programmable timer, Auto On/Off, and  more.

Control your home settings even when you are not at home by syncing your lights and other devices to work on the Smart Switch. Buy this starter pack for just $29.99 from Ebay.

6. Ring 1080p Wireless Video Doorbell

Monitor your front porch from anywhere with the Ring Video Doorbell. It is equipped with 1080p HD video and Two-Way Talk, letting you interact with people at your doorstep from your phone, or select Alexa devices. The motion zone settings can be customized to focus on areas you need to protect. You will also receive real-time mobile notifications when someone is at your door. With infrared technology, monitor your surroundings even when it is dark out. Motion sensors alert your Alexa devices to the presence of people at your porch.

You can buy this versatile video doorbell from Target for a price of $99.99 and get an Amazon Echo Dot for just $20along with this item. Pay via Target Red Card to save 5% on your cart.

Smart Home setups are the future, and what better way to take a step in that direction than setting up a smart home with basic smart devices that won’t weigh too much on your pocket. Make your life easier, smarter and more secure with these selected devices, and revel in the marvels of technology and innovation.

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