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UNDONE and Batman Team Up for New Super Sleek Watch

If you want to talk about fancy accessories, then I’ve got a doozy for you. UNDONE and Batman have teamed up again and have created the most sleek looking watch I’ve ever seen. If I saw someone wearing this I’d think they were stylish.

Then, after I saw it close up with the bat symbol hand, I KNEW they were cool. Check out the images below.

Combining the pinnacle of Batman watch design and the latest manufacturing development, UNDONE proudly introduces the third and the most electrifying collection of our favorite superhero, Dark Knight Retrospective.

The first Batman collection in 2019 showcases a set of two watches mirroring Batman’s dual
personality – Bruce Wayne by day, and the Dark Knight by night. The following year, they designed a second collection, Batman Quantum, inspired by Batman’s formidable gadgetry including his iconic suits, vehicles, and weapons.

This time, it’s the ultimate showdown as they bring you their third and latest collection. It explores a new perspective in the Batman story and the world of watch design. This is a fight between the good and the evil, more specifically, Batman and the supervillain, The Riddler; and our relentless effort to push the boundaries of watch design.

The [Watch] Game is On

The Dark Knight Retrospective is a dream watch for both avid Batman fans and seasoned
watch collectors. Its universal appeal comes from the clever combination of an inspired 1960s
Batmobile and rare watch features that were only seen on high-end luxury watches.

Batman fans would be delighted to find hints of the 1960s Batmobile, which some had
claimed to be the perfect embodiment of the superhero image, featured on the watch. The
bulletproof windshield, for example, is represented by an anti-reflective glass vault lens that
curves around beautifully for a refined aesthetic.

Anyone familiar with the Detect-A-Scope, found on the Batmobile’s dashboard, would know
it serves as a tool for Batman to monitor his enemies’ movements. The amazing piece of tech
has inspired UNDONE to re-create this into a feature that makes sense on a watch (and to
watch lovers) – a see-through dial that reveals the skeleton mechanical movement beneath,
and a radar lume.

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Along the sandwich case are red aluminium rings, prominently around the crown and the
glass fold, a racy and cool design element that’s a nod to the crimson pinstripes on the
Batmobile, a modified 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura, driven by Batman in the 60s.

That black and slick finish on the Batmobile is far from just for showing off. The tough car
exterior is made for extra protection against attacks by the Dark Knight’s most vicious
enemies. With this in mind, our Batman Retrospective is applied with a generous coat of
Diamond-like Carbon, an ultra-resistant layer which mimics that of the Batmobile.

The Riddler’s Game

In the Batman movie, the Dark Knight is set to confront the return of his arch nemesis, The
Riddler. Fans are already aware that the criminal mastermind takes delight in incorporating
an elaborate series of riddles into his schemes.

So, what could be more intriguing and unexpected than bringing darkness to light? Once it
turns dark, The Riddler appears through numerous question marks that illuminate in the most
ingenious way. As the glowing “?”s fill the dial, it also symbolizes that the night has arrived,
and The Riddler has come out to play.

Technical Specifications

“Dark Knight Retrospective” is 42mm in diameter and comes in at the height of 13.90mm,
from the caseback to the top of the K1 Glass Domed Canopy, giving it its curvaceous side
profile. The satin black DLC coated 316L stainless steel case is finished with a red anodised
aluminium trim. This piece houses the ruthenium plated Japanese TMI NH72 Mechanical
Skeleton Movement with an Automatic Winding Mechanism (supplied by SEIKO
Manufacturing (H.K.) Limited) with a 42-hour power reserve. Water-resistance is guaranteed
up to 3 ATM/30 Meters. Giving the “Dark Knight Retrospective” it’s final touch is the 22mm
quick-release black Cordura strap.

The highly collectable Dark Knight Retrospective, limited to only 999 pieces worldwide, and is
available for purchase.

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