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AppEven Store Download Guide for iPhone

While we are starting to see a  few jailbreaks come back, most only work on certain devices, and they are all semi-untethered. However, we do have a fantastic choice of unofficial app stores, all released as Cydia alternatives but now proving popular as alternatives to the iOS app store. AppEven is one of the latest, and it is packed with tweaks, modified games and apps, and lots of other unofficial content

What is AppEven?

One of the latest third-party app stores, AppEven offers a huge choice of apps, games, tweaks, and other content. It is free to use, easy to install, and you get tons of modified apps and games too.

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AppEven Features:

AppEven does not require a jailbreak to work and is completely free to download and use, with no hidden fees. With over 2000 apps, games, and more, here’s what you will get:

  • App Store Apps – hundreds of official app store apps for free
  • Exclusive Apps – lots of unofficial content, including emulators, screen recorders, tweaks, and more
  • Tweaked Apps – stock apps with added functions and features
  • Modified Games – stock games with unlocked in-app features/purchases and lots of added extras for free

AppEven works on all iPhones or iPads running iOS 8 or higher and is updated on a regular basis with new content, enhancements, security improvements, and more.

How to Download AppEven:

AppEven is easy to install, but you cant download it from the official app store. You will need to manually install the configuration profile, following these steps:

  1. Open Safari browser and go to the AppEven download page
  2. Tap a configuration profile link
  3. Tap on Allow and wait for AppEven to install
  4. When you see the icon on your home screen, it’s all done

When you try to use AppEven the first time, you will come up against an error.

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error

The Untrusted Developer error is Apple’s way of telling you they don’t know the developer and won’t let the app run. All you have to do is tell Apple the developer is trusted by following these simple steps:

  1. Remember the name of the developer on the error message and close it
  2. Open iOS Settings
  3. Tap on General > Profiles & Device Management
  4. Tap the name of the developer in the list and tap the Trust or Verify button
  5. Close Settings

AppEven can now be used. You may need to do this for the apps and games you download from the app store too.

How to Use AppEven

AppEven is dead simple to use:

  1. Open AppEven on your device
  2. Tap a category (See Features)
  3. Tap on an app or game you want to download
  4. The app page will open, tap the Install button
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it and way – when the app icon appears on your home screen, the app is installed

Follow the Untrusted Developer error guide if you need to.

Common AppEven Errors and Solutions

AppEven is stable and reliable, but we are hearing of a couple of common errors happening on user’s devices.

Fix Blank or White Screen Issue:

This looks much worse than it is, and it is simple to fix:

  1. Open your iOS Settings app
  2. Tap Safari > Clear Website Data
  3. Come out of Settings and AppEven should have a normal screen

AppEven Has Crashed

Again, this is not as serious as it looks. However, failing to fix it will mean it will continue to happen. AppEven is an unofficial app store built using expired enterprise certificates, and these get revoked regularly by Apple. While the developers do their best to replace them before this happens, they can’t always do it on time. If this happens to you, wait a few hours and try again – this gives the developers a chance to replace the certificates. If you still can’t get it working, delete it and wait a bit longer before reinstalling it. Once reinstalled, install a recommended VPN or anti-revoke app to stop it from happening in the future.

How to Delete AppEven

Removing AppEven from your device is simple, and there are two ways to do it:

Method 1: Delete the Icon

  1. Long-press on the icon on your home screen
  2. All the icons will begin wiggling – tap the cross in the corner of the AppEven icon
  3. Tap Delete on the popup message

Method 2: Delete the Profile

  1. Go into iOS Settings
  2. Tap on General > Profiles & Device Management
  3. Tap the AppEven profile and tap on Delete Profile

Both methods delete AppEven from your device.

AppEven is definitely one of the more popular unofficial app stores available right now. It isn’t just used by those missing their jailbreaks either; plenty of non-jailbreakers are using it as an alternative to the official iOS app store. It’s completely free so download it on your device today and enjoy all it has to offer.

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