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Grow a Monster with Frankenstein Pumpkin Shaping Mold

It’s spooky season, and one thing that we’re all looking forward to is carving pumpkins. But what happens to the gourd when you do? No matter what I try, I can never get it to last longer than a few days without molding. It’s frustrating and seriously limits your window on pumpkin carving fun. But what if you could grow your own pumpkin into something you wouldn’t even have to carve? Say… Frankenstein’s monster? Well now you can with this easy to use pumpkin mold!

It’s simple enough for even me to understand. You grow a pumpkin to about the size of a baseball and attach this clear mold to it. Funnily enough, you use bolts to keep it shut, similar to the bolts used on Frankenstein’s actual monster. Water it as usual, and it’ll grow into a scary face that you can just set out and let decorate your patio.

You don’t have to worry about mold, and it will last MUCH longer than the ones you carve. Only downside is that it generally takes 90-120 days to grow a fully mature pumpkin, and there are only 60 days til Halloween.

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It’s also fun to paint your pumpkin but honestly this takes the work out of everything. Not to say that growing crops isn’t work. I know it is because I definitely wasn’t blessed with a green thumb.

If you want to check out where to get these cool pumpkin molds here.

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