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Hatsune Miku Figure, Limited Edition Bomber Jacket Coming Soon

If you collect figures this is one you wont want to miss out on. Even more so if you LOVE Hatsune Miku. Tokyo Otaku Mode Co., Ltd. has begun preorders for a figure based on a newly-designed illustration by illustrator LAM, as well as for a new clothing item,

LAM is an illustrator who works with a wide range of media, from Vtubers to musicians. A new figure will be released based on their newly designed illustration of Hatsune Miku. Miku sports a punk-ish look and wears an MA-1, a typical flight jacket, while roughly holding a guitar.

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The figure has been painstakingly modeled down to its finest details. In this masterpiece, not only Miku’s outfit and accessories but also the back of her guitar have been minutely manufactured in a realistic way.

Additionally, an MA-1 flight jacket with the same design as Miku’s will go on sale as an apparel item at the same time. The jacket has been produced by ALPHA INDUSTRIES, who are famous for their MA-1 jackets and are a leading brand in military-style fashion, constantly producing new army-style apparel.

ALPHA INDUSTRIES has produced a jacket that faithfully reproduces LAM’s illustration. The jacket comes with an original patch designed by LAM. Only 390 MA-1 jackets will be available worldwide, and they will be sold exclusively on TOM’s Online Shop. Each jacket will bear a unique serial number.*You may not choose the serial number.

These items went up for pre-order on August 30th, 2021.

Do not miss this item that allows you to enjoy the Hatsune Miku designed by famous illustrator LAM both as a figure and as fashion. You can check out the listings for them both here.

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