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3ft Orange Pumpkin Furby is the Creepiest Halloween Décor Ever

If you owned the first generation Furby, you probably already know where this article is going. Furbies were the coolest yet most creepy toy to come out of the 90s. Heck, there’s even a game dedicated to how creepy Furbies are where you have to hunt around for one in the dark.

Mostly they got the bad reputation because they would talk without any prompting. They had a built in sensor that would cue them to talk and respond. But they would just go off. I would stuff mine in my dresser drawer with no stimulation and I could hear its creepy muffled voice coming through the drawer.

When I saw this creation by Demonically Cute, I knew I HAD to write about it. If you’re looking for creepy décor this year and you haven’t found the one thing to pull it all together this is definitely it. And it needs a home!

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Autumn is right around the corner and this Furby is the perfect for fall buddy. He is orange like the changing leaves and has a cute belly with pumpkins on it.

The Furby is a really pretty fiery orange with a pumpkin tummy. It’s three feet long so if you need a cuddle buddy for bed that can also scare your partner with its stares to nowhere this is it. You can check out the listing for it here.

Oh and Demonically Cute has tons of other cute Halloween-ish toys that would be great for anyone who likes odd things. Seriously, check them out!

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