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See Sailor Senshi as Spooky Witches in this new Art Series!

It may only be August but those of us who love spooky season are ready for any and all things Halloween. Something you may want to add to your list of things to decorate with are these beautiful drawings from KuttySark_Art on Instagram. If you know any Moonies out there who want to find anyway they can to mash up “Sailor Moon” and Halloween together a printed set of these might just do the trick.

The complete set is just amazing. The inner senshi are what you would attribute them too. Sailor Moon has a broom and a cat, a classic witch combo. Chibi Moon has candy, a cauldron and a cat like her mom. Mercury has a bubble that looks to be like some kind of divination tool similar to a crystal ball. Mars has candles lit for some kind of incantation. Jupiter is all done up as a nature witch which is spot on. And Venus has what appears to be some very powerful love spells.

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The outer senshi are very creative too. Sailor Uranus has a sickle which is a neat addition considering she usually carries a sword. Neptune has a magic mirror much like in the series. Pluto has tarot cards which are necessary because she needs to see all possibilities as the keeper of time. Saturn is carrying a Ouija board which we know can only mean one thing, destruction.. c’mon Ouija boards are creepy as heck right? These honestly work on so many levels. I could just keep staring at them and pointing out the little nuances but for the sake of time management I’m going to have to stop here.

Check out the entire collection by browsing through their Instagram post below.

If you would like to buy a print or two, or three follow them! Just click on any of the Instagram posts in this article and hit follow. They said prints will be coming soon and you won’t want to miss them!

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