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Things that Make Your Academic Writing More Effective

Are you looking for an efficient essay writing process?

If yes, come closer. There’s an effective essay writing process that you can follow to hone your academic skills. The same procedure can help you write all kinds of academic write-ups flawlessly.

It means you can write a novel, research paper, essay, case study, and thesis following the same set of instructions. You might have been looking for ways that can help create a compelling paper for the ultimate success. strongly recommends following this process so that you can write efficiently.

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The Writing Process

Here are the steps of an effective essay writing process.


It all begins with brainstorming. Just sit in a silent corner and start thinking about ideas. You just have to collect thoughts that can help write a flawless essay. You don’t have to think in an orderly way, just jot down ideas on a piece of paper.

These random ideas can be of great help when you sit down to write an essay or any other writing project. The main purpose behind brainstorming is to have an asset of thoughts that you can utilize to make your write-up interesting and ready.

Try to think about the subject from different angles. That should help you find better concepts for the essay.


In the next phase, you have to create groundwork. This includes finding authentic resources and creating a structure for your essay. You don’t have to worry about creating a unique outline. Just follow the standard practice that most universities and colleges have. 

Having a basic skeleton of your essay allows you to save time and effort. You just have to put in the relevant information. In the preparation phase, check the ideas that you collected while brainstorming. Separate the ones that you consider important for your essay. After segregation, organize those concepts systematically.

Writing the First Draft

After completing the research work and creating an outline, the real job starts. Here you begin writing your first draft. One of the major problems that students come across while starting the draft is getting nervous. They restrain themselves due to the fear of making mistakes.

You don’t have to worry about potential errors. Everyone makes mistakes in the beginning. However, things become normal as you keep writing academic assignments. Tell yourself that this is the first draft that you are going to write, not the final one. 

You will have the freedom to make adjustments when the first draft is completed. So, take your time and write the way you feel comfortable. 

Reviewing Your Work

This stage allows you to make corrections and create the next draft. Keep making adjustments until you feel perfectly satisfied with your write-up. Here you must spend time finding mistakes and correcting them to make the document error-free.

A few things that you can take into consideration during the review phase include wrong word selection, grammatical errors, punctuation flaws, and blurred sentences.

There could be instances when you don’t feel satisfied with your work even after making amendments. If that’s the case with you, try using any reliable document editor. Online editing tools help you identify errors in your assignment and provide suggestions to correct them. You can fix all errors within a few clicks without having to write a whole new sentence.

Did you know that academic writing discourages the use of passive voice?  You have to convert passive sentences into active ones. This is how you can make your paper sound more effective.

The Final Touch

Once you have made all the adjustments after finding mistakes, don’t forget to go over your document to give a final touch. There could be a few typos that need to be fixed. Your efforts may not bring the desired outcome if you submit work without correcting them. That’s why it is mandatory to proofread and correct things such as spell mistakes and formatting problems.

Let Someone Else Read for You

Sometimes it gets difficult to find mistakes in your work. You might not be able to spot errors due to unfamiliarity. The perfect solution under such a situation is to ask one of your intelligent friends or siblings to review your work.

They might be able to provide better feedback before the teacher highlights your mistakes. Ask your buddy to critically examine the assignment. Remember, another person always has a different vision. That’s the reason they can view your work from a whole different angle.

Every class has intelligent students. You can share ideas and seek assistance from them if necessary. However, try to make your essay a bit different from the rest of your classmates. A different piece of writing should attract your mentor’s attention. You can submit a unique essay to score good marks.

Get Control on Basics

If you want to improve your academic writing skills, try getting better control of the basics. You can find helpful blogs and websites on the internet that teach about the basic principles of academic writing. Subscribe to educational emails so that you get the latest updates on writing improvements. You should have at least a basic understanding of English to be able to write effectively. 

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