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Marcus The Visual’s X-Men, Disney Princesses Mashup in New Gallery

Illustrator and comic artist Marcus Williams has created an art series based on two of our favorite franchises. The first being Marvel Comics’ X-Men, who I fondly remember from “X-Men: The Animated Series” that I watched during my Saturday morning cartoons. The second, Disney Princesses, which of course we’ve all been introduced to in some way shape or form. Williams released the art series on his Instagram and the results are just amazing.

The illustrations show what Disney Princesses would look like if they were recruited into the X-Men. You can see that Jasmine has Raja right by her side. And funnily enough Belle is pictured next to Beast! Others in the mix all have very cool outfits and if this doesn’t become a real doll series in the future I’m saying right now it’s a waste because I’d happily buy them all. Or I’m sorry they wouldn’t be dolls, they’d be action figures.

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All images can be found on Marcus William’s Instagram, Marcus the Visual.

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