Beat Boredom With These 8 Fun Video Game Coloring Pages! has always done their best to come up with crafts and other things that you can do if you happen to find yourself bored. Now they’ve created 8 different video game coloring sheets based on some of our favorite games. Not just our favorites but our kids too!

Now you can print out “Among Us,” “Sonic,” or even “Animal Crossing” pages that are going to keep your kids busy for at least 5-10 minutes. That’s just enough time to put away the dishes or pick up their latest mess. Perfect peace of mind for parents needing a breather.

What’s especially nice about what they’re offering is there is something for everyone. And you can even make a game out of the “Among Us” one. Have your kid color it with the intent that one is the imposter and have them make you guess which one it is. If you fail you owe them a snack!

To view and print these as PDFs, head over to and check out their coloring pages.