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Prank ‘Vanilla’ Candle Will Ruin Even the Most Perfect Date

It’s no secret that I love a good joke. As long as it’s in good humor, it’s usually fair game. And this new candle I’ve found from Shut Up And Take My Money is pretty great.

Imagine this- your college buddy that pranked almost all of your dates is finally ready to settle down. In honor of their newfound goal in life, you buy them this special candle that they can light on their romantic dates. They light it a few times and everything is fine. The candle says it has a 30-hour burn time, so they think nothing of letting it burn for a while.

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Then around hour five, it hits them.

The worst-smelling gas they’ve ever experienced. The couple looks at each other first, too polite to say anything. It will pass they think. But after a while they realize that either someone is seriously having a problem, or the smell is coming from somewhere inside the room.

Well now you can hopefully get a funny story of your own out of this candle. Maybe it’s not even a college buddy maybe it’s a gift for a co-worker you absolutely hate that you got as a secret Santa. In fact I’m going to say that’s probably the better option. Let your buddy find true love and give this monstrosity of a candle to the office Karen.

You can buy the candle here. Good luck on your pranking endeavors!

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