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Op-ed: A Great Tool to Influence Others

Opinion articles such as editorials in a newspaper, opinion segments on news broadcasts, op-ed articles written by experts on websites such as The Doe, are not fake news.

An op-ed is a piece by an author not associated with the news platform in which it’s published.

Opinion articles have never been so important as today. In fact, this field is a key aspect of widespread journalism in the modern age. Today the number of blogs and online publications is increasing. A huge number of writers are taking part in a big growing international network in the aim of spreading new thoughts.

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Importing intellectual and critical thoughts into mainstream media is so important journalism. It allows everyday newsreaders to get access to wider political and social debates.

Opinion articles, whether on a local or national level give readers a chance to hear both sides. Through opinion articles, people will be informed about current affairs and shape their interpretations of what is happening around them, and lead them to find their own opinions. Nowadays, in the age of fake news, many quality opinion writings help us to cut through the noise. It also creates debate. This is healthy in a society that is diverse and helps find a growing political environment. Thus, people who agree on the same political group will have a healthy debate based on different points of view on various topics. This is another compelling reason that opinion articles are so essential to our world today. Diversity of opinion is a key to enhancing democracy. If all people will be thinking in the same way, then democracy as a way of life is in danger. Opinion articles can provide a clear, thoughtful perspective on a topic that affects many people. Opinion writing is the space for meaningful discussions, a way to ask questions. This keeps us excited. Without such articles, we would take things at face value. This will make our words voiceless.

Not to mention, opinion articles let you express yourself and shed light on your perspective. Your voice is always important to create engagement.

Opinion writing represents our freedom to criticize and maybe sometimes praise the world around us. It helps writers to express their passion and lets others, who read their work, get inspired and can motivate them to think in a better way about different things.

 The good thing about an op-ed is that it provides an opportunity to educate and inform a huge number of people about a very important topic.

If you want to influence public opinion or try to make political or social change, the op-ed is one of many great ways to bring out your perspective to your society.

In conclusion, each human being must have an opinion. This is so important. Do not worry, it is okay if your opinions change. Your thoughts will always be evolving probably every day because you will frequently experience new things as a fundamental part of life. The concept of educating yourself and getting to know a new thing about everything is something great!

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