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WordPress Firewall — Superior Protection from Cyberthreats

WordPress sites may be attacked hundreds or thousands of times per week. The consequences of malware invasions are drastic. Aside from stealing your visitors’ information, hackers may redirect them to nefarious URLs, send viruses and spam, and damage your reputation and revenues. One of the most dangerous types of violation is the brute force attack. You need a solid firewall to prevent it.

Cyber criminals can obtain access to your site through an exhaustive password search. The firewall for WordPress described on will thwart their attempts. Such tools are vital for any type of website, from forums to online stores. 

Prevent Massive Damage 

When hackers get access to your admin account, they may cause different types of damage leading to loss of trust, rankings, and revenues. Every online business must be aware of these threats, as they are very common. Here are a few examples of what cybercriminals do:

  • placing backlinks to raise the ranking of their own website;
  • redirecting your visitors to nefarious pages;
  • sending viruses or spam.

Malware is used for dishonest SEO — promotion of websites at the expense of others. The users’ data may be used for phishing and other types of fraud. In the worst-case scenario, your website will disappear from search entirely, and users will be prevented from opening it. The reputational damage may be colossal.

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Features of Effective Solutions

Protection requires constant monitoring of user activity and login attempts. You can stop all attacks with one effective security plugin and firewall. Here is how these products work. 

  • Every hour, the system checks your security log. If it detects 10 or more login attempts from the same IPs, they are banned for 24 hours. Meanwhile, your server will not waste resources on these IPs.
  • Every day, you get an email with a security report. You can see how many password entries were incorrect, and what IPs they came from.
  • A security log will list all login attempts with details. You can view the IP, country, date, time, username, and result (success/failure).
  • All actions in the dashboard are recorded in a user actions log. You can see what changes have been made and by whom.
  • A separate report shows who logged in, when, and how much they spent on every page.
  • The firewall blocks access by HTTP/HTTPS for IPs, IP networks, emails, and users from specific countries, which is reflected in a separate log. 
  • The traffic control feature will register every single visitor with the date, time, IP address, country, browser, OS, time spent, etc.

Final Words

Prevention of unauthorized access is a crucial security measure for any site. A firewall will catch any suspicious requests and check their HTTP parameters. You may also use a free malware scanner to identify malicious code, iFrame content, and hidden external links. Look for package solutions, as they save time and effort. Install proactive defense to prevent attacks in real-time.

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