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Funko Releases Breast Cancer Awareness Line of Pop Vinyls

Breast cancer awareness month is approaching in October, and Funko is here to help find a cure! The toy company has revealed their new Breast Cancer Awareness Funko Pops! Collection, which includes special releases of popular characters all in pink.

The collection includes DC Comics bombshells like Harley Quinn, Batwoman, Hawkgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. The woman-powered sextet is dressed head-to-toe in various shades of pink. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Funko Collection 2020
Image: Funko
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Funko has pledged a $50,000 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This donation will help fund 1,000 hours of breast cancer research.

Pop! Batwoman is a Funko exclusive. Pop! Hawkgirl is a Target exclusive

These adorable Breast Cancer Awareness Funko Pops! figures are currently available for preorder. They are expected to ship in October. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This leaves you plenty of time to pick a few up for your collection and support a great cause.

DC Bombshells originated as a series of statuettes that reimagined DC leading ladies in 1940s pin up styles. The line was well received and consequently inspired variant covers of existing comic books. DC Bombshells even got their own comic book series. 

Funko’s 2020 Breast Cancer Awareness collection included Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batman, and Superman. The beloved characters are dressed in their traditional costumes in shades of pink. These figures are available for purchase! They deserve a spot on your shelf too.

A Little About Breast Cancer

According to, invasive breast cancer affects 1 in 8 U.S. women. Breast cancer can also affect men. It is more rare, about 1 in 833. An estimated 30% of newly diagnosed cancer cases in women will be breast cancer. This makes Funko’s contribution to breast cancer research all the more meaningful.

Already pre-ordered your 2021 Breast Cancer Awareness figures!? Check out some of Funko’s recent releases like the Loki collection! Who can say no to an adorable alligator Loki?!

Alligator Loki Funko figure

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