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Oldest Photo at Stonehenge Found in Brian May’s Stereograph Collection

Brian May, guitarist for Queen, also happens to collect old photographs. Heck he does a lot more than that with his PhD in astrophysics, but today we’re going to focus on his latest discovery. The oldest family photo in history taken at Stonehenge.

A stereograph is an image that has been taken at different angles in order to produce a 3D effect. Brian May has an entire archive of these and that’s where this image was found.

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Taken by photographer Henry Brooks, the photo shows his wife Caroline and their daughter Caroline Jane posing in front of Stonehenge. The picture was taken in the 1860s.

The image is now on display for a limited time. It can be viewed on a digital Stereoscope at the Stonehenge visitor center until the end of September. Part of the exhibit also involves a soundtrack of Brian May playing “Who Wants To Live Forever” on piano.

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