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Video Of People Trapped in Flooding Elevator Goes Viral

A Nebraska resident recorded something out of a horror movie as he was stuck in an elevator flooding with water. It happened when Luu (the person who filmed) and his friends wanted to check out the damage outside his apartment in Omaha, Nebraska.

On Saturday August 7th, there was a flash flood warning. Outside, it was hailing and coming down really hard so they wanted to check out in person what was going on. Around 10 pm local time they boarded the elevator.

As they got closer to the lobby water started to come in through the vents into the elevator before the doors could open. They called 911 and Luu’s roommate and friend who does maintenance in the building asking for help.

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You can hear his friend asking the police, “OK, can you please just hurry?” in the video. It’s no doubt one of the scariest moments in these people’s lives, and it’s all caught on video.

None of the people in the video were hurt. When the doors opened, those trapped said they “swam out.” If they didn’t have claustrophobia before, they sure do now.

As a warning to others in these types of situations… please take the stairs.

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