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“Secrets Your Textbook Will Not Tell You: About TV, Movies and Life” Is A Must Read And On Sale Now!

A while back I got to review a wonderful book called Secrets Your Textbook Will Not Tell You: About TV, Movies and Life by Sandy Fries and today I found out it’s gone on sale! The book showcases events that happened while Fries was working in the entertainment industry as a writer on many loved series that we nerds are quite familiar with. Fries worked with people such as Gene Roddenberry, Joseph Barbera and more!

“Secrets Your Textbook Will Not Tell You” is an inside look at the show business industry. For anyone planning to enter the entertainment business, this book has colorful and funny stories, valuable insights, and helpful tips and tricks on how to succeed. Fries shares life hacks he learned by working with Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, Gene Roddenberry, creator of the original Star Trek television series, Joseph Barbera, co-creator of The Flintstones, and other celebrities he has known. This is a fascinating and fun book.

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Previously the book had earned a number one best seller on Amazon. There’s a good reason why too. This book teaches you the ins and outs of Hollywood manners. This book has amazing inside looks into what it was like working in the industry and gives great tips on how to make it in that field. There are many unspoken nuances when working anywhere that Sandy addresses and gives advice on how to deal with.

Amazon is hosting a sale of this book which is a really fun read. If you’ve ever wondered what working on a TV show was like this book will give you great insight. It’s also littered with fun stories about people like Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, and more!

You can read my entire review by clicking the link here.

And pick up a copy of your own by clicking the link here.

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