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Swedish Hotel Golden Bathtub Can Wheel Itself Onto Balcony

What’s better than taking a bath with a view? In the United States we see things like gorgeous bathrooms with large windows where we can see the outside. Mostly we rely on pools for outdoor water fun. But this Swedish hotel offers a feature that I kind of want to try. Their bathtub can wheel itself out onto the balcony for fresh air.

If you look closely, you can see diners out on the grass. What a fun time to have a conversation with strangers, from your golden bathtub!

This reminds me of that scene from “Crybaby” where the dad is taking a bath in a bucket. Only more classy because “golden bathtub.”

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You can find this tub in The Cupidon Room at the Auberge Aux 4 Vents (The Four Winds) Hotel in Fribourg, Switzerland. The golden bathtub has a railing around it so if you stand up you wont fall out. But probably don’t do unless you want to get real chill when the breeze comes through.

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