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Recap: Here’s What You Missed in “Titans” Season 1

Season 3 of “Titans” is on the way! The people over at HBO Max released an epic trailer showcasing what to expect in season 3. HINT: It’s very “Red Hood” heavy. Check it out here!

But that’s not what we’re focusing on! We’re going to give you a quick recap on what happened in season 1 with a second article about season 2 coming shortly after. That way, you can know the events that lead to what looks to be the best season yet.

Season 1 focuses on the following plot lines. Now of course, there are more…but this writer feels like these are the ones that you need to know about before season 2 and 3.

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1. Robin/Dick Grayson leaving Gotham AND Batman.
2. Amnesiac Firestar and her quest to learn about her past while searching for Raven.
3. Raven searches for Dick Grayson after the murder of her mother.
(Among being the catalyst for season 1-Enter Trigon Plotline)
4. Beast Boy chooses to go with the Titans even though his “Family”, the Doom Patrol forbids him.
5. Hawk & Dove – A romantically intertwined vigilante couple that have a history with Dick/Robin.

At the end of the first season, the team comes together and unites. Trigon is released and what appears to be a set up for an epic finale, instead turns into a deep look inside of Dick Grayson’s mind. Including an imaginary fight with Batman!

While in reality, the Titans deal with their own demons; dream sequence Dick is back in Gotham preparing to stop an enraged Batman that supposedly is so mad that he is going to kill the Joker.

But before we dive into that, let me explain what’s going on in the real world.

Raven is reconnecting with her birth mother and discussing her father. Starfire, Robin, and Wondergirl are discovering Starfire’s ship, which brings back her memories. One of which is the motivation for why she needs to find and kill Raven.

Beast Boy is currently dying and bleeding from the mouth from a previous injury and Raven is willing to do anything to save him. Even become the very portal that will bring her father, Trigon, onto our Earth. Did I mention Trigon is going to be the reason Starfire’s planet gets destroyed?

Anyways, back to the “season finale”…

After some detective work and glimpses into the fake future, we see all of the Titans have moved on. Dick’s main focus is to stop Batman from killing the Joker. To not give into the darkness. One thing leads to another, Batman goes crazy, kills the Joker and everyone at Arkham. Dick gives up his identity in order to get the GCPD to raid the Wayne Manor. Batman blasts FBI Agent Starfire with a freeze gun, killing her.

Dick gives into the darkness and sets explosive charges all around and detonates them. He walks in and sees a dying Batman under some rubble. He does what he thought he would never have to do…KILL BATMAN.

Back in the real world, we see a fully evil Dick Grayson. Black eyes, evil cracks forming in his skin. Trigon is still alive and well, with a brand new family member. Dick Grayson. He even remarks on how good it feels to be home.

And like every great season finale, there HAS to be a tease. This tease? Superboy!

You can catch up on “Titans” on HBO Max now.

Stay tuned for my next article where I go over season 2!

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