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Throg is Getting His Own Marvel Comics Issue this October!

With alligator Loki getting so much love, it left us wondering about that little frog we spied in “Loki.” Luckily the folks at Marvel have us covered, because it looks like we’re going to be getting a special story in comic form. Marvel Comics will feature Throg, the frog version of Thor, in the upcoming October issue!

The story will be by Donny Cates and Pasqual Ferry with a cover from Olivier Coipel. This issue will be one to collect, just so you can say you have it. Plus it would be super cute to display on your shelf or in your cabinet.

Also, how cool is it that “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth voiced Throg in “Loki” s1e5 on Disney+?

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I expect more fan work to come from this story since alligator Loki has gotten so much as well. Keep your eyes peeled for this coming issue of “Thor” or better yet, call your local comic shop and make sure it’s on your pull list!

Throg from “Loki” on Disney+
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