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FX on Hulu’s “American Horror Stories” is “AHS” Lite

The first two episodes of “American Horror Stories,” the new spin off from “American Horror Story,” finally dropped on FX this week, and they were…something. They were really something.

Our first immediate thought was that teenage girls named after colors, whose parents are on the verge of divorce, that move into the Murder House, are going to have a bad time. We’ve seen this show before. It didn’t end well for Violet. It probably wont end well for Scarlett, either.

Speaking of Scarlett (Sierra McCormick)- she has the honor of being our main character. She’s quirky and a little moody, but she loves her two dads and she actually seems kind of happy to be living in the Murder House. A little too happy, really. And that happiness is only amplified when she finds the infamous rubber suit.

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We wont spoil the whole thing for you, but yeah, we’ve seen this before. The first two episodes do hearken back to the original series’ first season, almost a little too much, but it also feels like that season has been rewritten by an angry teenager. The script is over the top, the acting is over the top, the murders are over the top, everything is over the top. And not in a good way.

But hey, with this being an anthology series where things will constantly change, maybe the series will improve from here. We will be staying tuned.

New episodes of “American Horror Stories” stream every Thursday at FX on Hulu.

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