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Remember to Do This After Launching Your First Shopify Store Design

5 Steps to Take After Your First Shopify Website Design

In addition, if you need any special Shopify website design services, you can turn to professionals. Online agencies will help you set features that are initially not available in Shopify.

Creative Schemes for Advertising

One of the most important steps you should take after applying a new design is making ad creatives. Your store is now ready to attract customers. However, how do they know about it? There are several creative options: images, slideshows, videos, videos with captions, animations, mixed creatives. To find out which type of creatives suits your target audience, analyze your competitors. Or you can visit the site for more information.

Most often, video creatives are used in working with Facebook. They significantly increase the conversion of advertising campaigns. With their help, you can attract the user’s attention. Then, tell in more detail about the uniqueness, advantages, and problems of a given product or service. Competition on Facebook and Instagram is constantly growing. Growing companies are constantly looking for unique ways to distinguish a product from hundreds of others. This tactic helps you achieve an unprecedented competitive advantage.

Setting Up and Launching Ads

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Start testing products one at a time. Select a few of the most relevant audiences, create several creatives, and launch. After 2-3 days, depending on your daily budget, you can analyze the results obtained. Don’t expect a steady stream of sales when working with a new design. Analyze not only the number of purchases, but also the number of carts and checkouts. The CTR of your ads is also important. 

At first, you will spend money getting data about what works and what doesn’t. Then, after you start getting steady sales, scale those ad groups delivering the best performance. On the Internet, you can find a lot of information on setting up Facebook ad campaigns.

Customer Support

Providing customer support is one of the most important elements in any business. If you don’t pay enough attention to it, you can suffer from financial losses. Returns, disputes, and business complaints are often the main reasons why people choose to shop in online stores. Customer service plays a key role as it is the only tool in resolving the problems of unsatisfied customers. 

You should respond to customer requests. Otherwise, people will solve the problems independently by contacting the bank with a request to return the money. Clients are interested not only in purchasing goods. The subsequent simple and transparent system of returns and processing requests plays a vital role too.

Analytics and Process Automation

Have you found your clear bestseller? In this case, it’s time to scale the advertising of this product and constantly analyze sales dynamics. However, whether you have a clear sales leader or not, never stop testing new products. A product can gain popularity for weeks and then instantly become useless. Don’t forget that e-commerce is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing areas. After a certain time after launching your store, you should attract traffic and generate stable sales. If this doesn’t happen, it’s time to apply a different approach.


Continuously continue to work on the automation of all processes. You can start outsourcing some tasks whenever possible. Do not forget to constantly learn, read relevant articles, study videos on YouTube, to be aware of all the innovations constantly. Your results will directly depend on your knowledge and practical experience. Improve and keep working despite the problems or draw downs encountered. Only in this case will you begin to achieve high monetary results.

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