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How To Become An AAA-Artist: An Easy Guide

Every professional who had worked in a gaming company used to be a newbie and search for work. A stack of obstacles and complications accompanies everybody’s journey. It’s safe for people to think that a beginner specialist can’t get a job in a high-quality company because of their lack of experience and high competitiveness in the market. But is it so? Creative directors think that everyone stands a chance in this field if they have enough determination and willingness to perfect their craft.

What is an AAA gaming company?

Triple-A (AAA) art means working for high-profile companies developing products for a broad audience, and making a lot of money from game dev and recruiting. Although, to be precise, the workflow consists of many essential steps. It should include a full cycle from 2D to 3D (including working with modeling, concept art, UI, and many more steps.) The process is as complicated as it is exciting. A game should include high-resolution environments, sort through characters, a fascinating plot, excellent screenplay, and smooth operation without bugs.

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How to apply to an AAA game company? There are many professions, including working with art. It is animation, texturing, concept creating, as well as a technical art. Many beginners want to work with the concept after seeing many ArtStation works without having much knowledge. Being eager to draw doesn’t mean you are a concept artist; because this profession includes working with design. A person who has never worked in the CG industry will hardly distinguish an illustration from good concept art. it’s an exciting job but not meant for everyone. It includes routine work and endless technical requirements.

Be ready to draw something you don’t like

Sometimes you might find an illustration boring, but you will still have to work with it. Maybe you will have to complete a brown table in a room or an NPC character you don’t vibe with. Concept art is a different field where you don’t need to draw that well. The main goal is to show and explain why your character should be in a game. Your ideas should be crystal clear to modelers and other specialists who will take your picture to the realization stage. If you’re creating a character with detailed garments, you must understand what each buckle is for.

Start as a 2d artist

Present yourself as an artist and illustrator. A good 2D artist understands texture, light, works with Adobe Photoshop, understands masks, color correction, and knows how to stylize a picture. These people can work with icons. Drawing icons is a good start to learn texture rendering, drawing materials, understanding shape, light, and color. You can also work as a texture artist in creating 3D models. Begin with something easy like drawing icons, interfaces. Don’t skip this stage. Read about ‘60s concept design theory where no CG programs and people created everything manually.

Study animation and 3D modeling

You have to learn more than Maya and to rig to become an AAA animator. Additionally, you will need to study dynamics, interaction, speed, and realistic movements. People have to believe what they see. If your animation doesn’t look realistic, it doesn’t apply to an AAA company. 

Analyze projects of the best animation studios such as Pixar and Disney. You need to use their works as your references and try to acquire high-quality animation. It’s good to learn about QA testing games and see how a smooth game without glitches works.


Being an AAA artist takes more than imagination and inspiration. You have to be consistent in your work to expect a successful position in a gaming company. Be precise and dedicated, and you will reach your best results!

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