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World’s Tallest Sandcastle Has Been Unveiled In Denmark

The world’s largest sandcastle stands in Denmark of all places. The 69-foot [nice] tall sandcastle was unveiled at the Blokhus Sand Sculpture Festival in Denmark. The old record for tallest sandcastle was 58 feet, and was created by an international team of artists in Germany.

This sandcastle is pretty impressive. The artist says coronavirus inspired the design and the crown on top is to signify that COVID-19 is ruling over the world.

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The sand is made up of 10% clay and used many support systems to build. To top it off they added a layer of glue so that the sculpture would remain over the winter months. The whole sandcastle is over 9 thousand pounds (4.8 tons of sand) and the sand was imported from outside sources. Since this is sat far away from the beach that was a pretty impressive feat in itself.

What sets this sculpture apart from the previous record holder is that it also used less sand to build. The one in Germany used about 11 tons of sand and this one only used 4.8. So while the structure was more slim, it was also taller and had a better support system to go on. You can see in the image below how they built around it in order to build upwards.

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