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Voiz Waffle Chocolate Commercial: Equal Parts Sweet And Disturbing

If you wanted to watch a weird Thai commercial for a chocolate bar today, then you’re in luck! Voiz Waffle Chocolate has released a commercial called ‘The Secret.’ The commercial is about a woman who comes clean with her secret she’s been hiding from her boyfriend. The secret? A third eye.

The man has a secret himself, however. She walks in to talk to him when he hides his Voiz Waffle Chocolate from her. Now you might think that they should share, that lovers share everything.. but that’s not entirely the case with this couple.

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The kicker for me is the fact that she’s literally crying her “eyes” out and he’s sitting there selfishly eating a candy bar. But I suppose it takes all kinds of couples to make the world go round. Voiz Waffle Chocolate ends it by presenting their tagline, “Cant. Be. Shared.”

They have a history of amazing commercials, this next one is my favorite.

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