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Guy Plays Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” On Guitar With His Feet!

Jimi Hendrix was impressive when he played his riffs with his mouth but this is on a whole new level. A Brazilian musician Johnatha Bastos has not only figured out how but has successfully played the entire song of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” A song over five minutes long played solely by feet.

I’ve seen a lot of talented people use their feet for things. The best I could ever do was pick up stuff in my room with my toes and then hand it to myself.

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After watching a few videos on his channel I found out the real reason he uses his feet to play. It’s more than just for fun but for necessity as he has no arms. I think that when you love something you find a way to do it and Bastos LOVES guitar. It’s truly inspiring to watch.

Check out his channel for other amazing videos.

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