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How to Find Employees Easier With a Temp Agency Toronto

Hiring employees can be a long and time-consuming process if you don’t consider a temp agency Toronto or you don’t have other shortcuts. It takes a lot of time to advertise the job vacancy, post it, wait for people to apply, go through the applications, and contact interviews. 

To save time and increase the chances of getting an employee faster, you can use hiring shortcuts such as using a temp agency Toronto. Some of them charge for the services of connecting you with an employee, while others are free to use. Take a look at some of them.

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  1. Associate With The Local Training

These schools have different programs, and they produce fresh talent each season. You can ask the trainers to connect you with students of a specific course and offer job opportunities to the best student. Explain to the instructor what you need and for how long you will be offering the internships. 

  1. Know People In Your Local University’s Cooperative Training Program

The trainees will require job placements after the end of their training. You can choose to hire a number of them, and since it is temporary, you will get the chance to evaluate if they are suitable for the position permanently.  

  1. Check With Government Programs

Government sponsors employment programs for the jobless to find work. You can find the skills you are looking for in these programs and save on the cost and time you would spend recruiting employees. However, you will have to fill many application forms, which is all worth it. 

  1. Employ A Student

If you don’t need to have a permanent employee at the time, hiring a student can be an option. There are programs where you can get students suitable for your current empty position. You can then monitor how they work and if they are good at the job, consider employing them at the end of their training. 

You can also check for pages on the local papers that direct you to employees. Participate in different youth employment programs. You will get fresh talents from there whom you can hire and keep working with them for a long time. However, some may need some training to start working with you.

  1. Contact Employment Agencies

Many job seekers use a temp agency Toronto to get general labor jobs in Toronto. They have the direct route to unemployed people. Since they receive resumes of different talents, you can get an employee from them fast. They will help you to go through the applications and sample the most qualified candidates for you to interview. 

There are many employment agencies, and you can work with a temp agency Toronto that specializes in your field. Some of them do the whole recruitment process until you get the employee. This will cost you, but it saves a lot of time. 

  1. Use The Internet

Draft a job requirements list and post it on websites where people seek general labor jobs Toronto. Those sites are flooded with many job seekers who will see your post and apply. You will be charged for the posting, but most websites have affordable rates. You also need to spend some time learning how the site works, going through the applications, and contacting interviews. 

  1. Ask For Referrals

Ask your current employees to refer you to a potential employee who can do the task well. If you need the employee urgently, you can also talk to your contacts about the positions and the qualifications. You can do an advertisement in the form of a poster to let the public know and apply. You can also ask your fellow employers for referrals to an intern who worked at their firm but did not get a chance to be employed. 

  1. It Can Be Time-Consuming For Small Business

Starting businesses could find it hard to hire an employee, especially those that do not have a human resource department for recruiting. They spend a lot of time going through resumes and finding the perfect person for the position. They could also find it challenging to use a job agency Toronto because of financial constraints. Luckily, there are many options they can use to find the right employees.

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