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5 Great Techniques To Win Audience Engagement Via Instagram Stories

Many users on Instagram pick the Instagram stories feature to spice up their engagement. It helps you to promote many things to initiate conversation, develop brand awareness, etc. The significant fact is that stories on Instagram are famous because they are simple to swipe and are still fun & engaging.

Instagram stories help to develop a strong relationship between you and your fans. Thus they would engage with your story content more than regular posts. So, it’s a perfect time to know about great techniques to increase audience engagement through Instagram stories.


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If you run a business, you should have a blog or a website, or both. It is very smart to approach your Insta audience about your different endeavors. Instagram stories spot is a great place to promote your Insta posts and blog posts.

The Instagram stories “Swipe Up” feature is superb for this effect. It makes you direct your Instagram audience to the posts, and it is easier for them to follow than referring to a link. This way, you can gain more traffic, audience engagement, and lead generation.

Your new posts might disappear in the massive content crowd, and thus you can utilize the story section to get your post active among your Instagram audience. So, it helps in increasing your fans base and levels up your story feature on the platform. 

Go Live

Instagram launched the Instagram Live feature, and it became more popular within a short time. A crucial term of Instagram live is that you can directly engage and interact with your target audience. 

This great engagement brings a sense between your audience and yourself. It provides your fans a great chance to ask various questions, comments, etc. Also, it gives real-time engagement and brings your target audience a vital part of your venture and life.

Though your followers receive a notification when you go live, it’s essential to select the right time for going live on the platform. You want to go live when most of our target audience is active on Instagram. Also, you could schedule your live session to gain more audience engagement. You can upload constant updates about your life, the way for achieving more people.


This way, you can tempt your audience more, and more giveaways gain more target Instagram audience. It brings your target audience to stay until the end and makes your work easier to engage with your target audience.

You can hook your existing audience as well as new audiences. There are multiple tasks you can provide to your audience based on your needs, like:

  • Asking the audience to share posts or stories
  • Bring new fans
  • Like new posts
  • Use a branded hashtags
  • Tag someone in the post’s comment section

These different tasks gain more engagement, and the Instagram stories help you more through providing frequent updates and encouraging everyone to participate in the tasks.


It is a brilliant way to bring up the countdowns on Instagram stories. It brings more engagement, excitement, and hanging the users for more information. It’s a sticker option used by influencers, friends, and every Instagram user all day.

The crucial factor is that it’s familiar to everyone and helps you reach every person watching your stories on Instagram. Some of the most used countdowns for:

  • New product launches
  • A grand sale
  • Anniversary of a brand
  • Contest or Giveaway alerts

Using these various stickers in your Instagram stories and pages creates a huge buzz and benefits your business more. These countdown stickers on Instagram stories bring your fans to track every important event. Also, they could tap the countdown timer and set the alarm for their remembrance. They could share your countdown timer on their Instagram story to spark up the excitement.


A study concluded that every professional Instagram account aims for collaboration. It is one of the most incredible ways that every business on the platform expands their business and creates vast content and options for their fans. It could happen in various ways; some of them are:

  • Product co-design
  • Go live on Instagram with another brand
  • Conduct takeover on your Instagram stories
  • Promote services/products on each other’s pages.

Collaboration develops new audiences in a quick time. The crucial part of collaboration is choosing the best business or brand to join with. You are all set if this part is completed.

Instagram stories are the blessed one during collaborations as they maintain the fans on their toes on both sides and inform them about the process and extra details. This way, you can increase your engagement with immense real Instagram story views smartly. 

Also, you could bring Instagram quizzes and many fun things to collect more engagement.

Bonus Techniques


The hashtags importance on Instagram has grown well, and the platform brings you to follow hashtags similar to following other profiles. Recently, hashtags are the big one because if hashtags are ideally used, they could help you gain more audience, and the story contents would be shown if you search for a specific hashtag.

Like hashtags on posts, using hashtags in stories is also important to reach a vast new audience. 

Though you would bring up your story contents more attractive, it is essential to use relevant hashtags. You could add nearly ten hashtags to your story content on Instagram. Utilize the hashtag sticker given by the platform, it provides you with various suggestions, and you can select the most relevant to your stories.

The crucial part in this is how you want to bring these hashtags and stickers, and their placement shouldn’t affect your story content. You could hide your hashtags to prevent this; however, the hashtag aims to reach more audiences and not your story presentation. You can hide your hashtags under the pictures, gifts, texts, etc.

Also, you could change your hashtags color so that your hashtags blend with a background. Like the Instagram post, utilize hashtags to your story contents, go creative, and compare the final results about audience engagements.

     Engagement Peak Times

Your every effort to gain audience engagement could be vain if you failed to post your content at the right time. Many businesses and brands post their stories at the wrong time and fail to receive more engagement. You want to monitor the analytics to get the right time when most of your target audience is active on the platform.

It helps you to pick the right time for posting content on the platform. It gets more target audience for your posts and receives more engagements in a short time.

So, analyze your best time on the platform, and begin to upload posts & stories in that time to gain more audience.

Wrapping Up

I hope the points mentioned above help you better frame your Instagram stories and gain more engagements you need for your brand or business.

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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