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“Jurassic Park” Theme Has Been Turned Into A Wedding March!

I am SO EXCITED to share this with you. I have finally found the song I’ll be requesting if I have a wedding in the future. Sure, I’m already married going on 13 years, but, it was a quick city hall deal. We’re still waiting to be able to afford that grand wedding everyone talks about. And when we do… this is the song I’ll be using.

Just picture it.

A bride dressed in a beautiful gown walking down the aisle, arms shortened like a dinosaur. Rawring her way down head moving from side to side. The groom dressed in his finest, wearing sunglasses and then taking them off like Dr. Grant when he first sees that amazing specimen of a dinosaur.

(Just Imagine the guy at the end in a wedding dress)
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Ok maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. I could honestly come up with so many ideas for a nerdy wedding. But hey, listen to John Williams‘ iconic score, and see if it inspires you as well.

PianoCole has done such an amazing job with this. Follow her on TikTok to hear even more amazing songs turned into wedding marches.

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