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4th of July Fireworks Above Los Angeles from Plane Landing at LAX

Here in Los Angles, there are tons of fireworks regardless if police issue statements or try to collect them. You may even need to take meds to keep calm if you don’t like loud bangs. It honestly sounds a lot like bombs going off every single July. And if you think I’m over exaggerating, just check out this video of what at first appears to be a lightning storm.

Twitter user Kim Higley shared a video of her daughter’s view as they were landing at LAX on the 4th of July, 2021.

It’s not lightning- it’s fireworks, from everywhere!

From the hours of 7pm to midnight, fireworks are non stop in LA county. In places like unincorporated Whittier, you get the full-blown Disneyland style fireworks. Big booms with numerous car alarms being set off. Like you’re in a very colorful war zone. With this video, you can see that a lot of people had a great time this holiday.

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Unfortunately the video had lots of clouds but if you want to see a clearer video here’s one from 2020 that’s very “Blade Runner.” Probably fewer fireworks than this year since last year we weren’t supposed to gather with friends.

We hope everyone stayed safe while lighting off the fireworks. Happy belated 4th!

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