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Did Jonathan Frakes Just Confirm “Beyond Belief” is Returning?!

Don’t get too excited about this possible news, as we’re not sure if it’s really happening YET. Television icon Jonathan Frakes knows how meme-worthy he is, leaning into it as much as he possibly can at times. Heck, he’s even in that huge Star Trek Sh*tposting group on Facebook. But today’s possible news is just too good.

Perhaps you’ll recall a series from the late 90s early 2000s called “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.” No? Well then you’ve probably seen the out of context screenshots of Frakes on a bicycle with some kind of quippy quote on it. That was TOTALLY A REAL SHOW, and maybe it’s coming back?

In a tweet posted early this morning, Frakes kinda sorta leads us to believe in the facts.

Back in 2019, Frakes DID reprise the roll for an NFL pregame show, so this could very well be a photo from that shoot.

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But, we’re hopeful, because we’d love to see the show return.

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